About Us

About us

The Drum Art Show team first met in 2013. Now a part of the show with 40 participants. The vast majority of artists are professional musicians, graduates of higher musical institutions and artists of national collectives.

Drum Art Lady Groove is one of the projects of the Drum Art -a female group of drummers. Drum Art Lady Groove is a combination of drumming drive, skill, fragility, power and beauty.

Our Team

Nikolay Tomasishin (owner of the Drum Art brand, founder and Director of the Drum Art Show and Drum Art Music School)

Svetlana Bozhok (choreographer, choreographer, co-founder of the Lady Groove Drum Art project)

Leonid Tanchik (Composer, arranger)

The main composition of “DRUM ART“:

Nikolay Tomasishin

David Savchuk

Eugene Ulyanov

Maxim Kolomiets

Mikhail Galaktionov

Daniel Kolokolnikov

Vitaly Mazilo

Bogdan Tomchuk

Timur Solovyov

Anton Tsygankov

Leonid Tanchik

Victoria Simonchuk

Andrey sur (Chief of technical Department, Specialist and creative Director with LED costumes, lighting, pyrotechnic and fire shows, Color Guard instructor)

GO " Association of drummers of Ukraine»

We are open to cooperation with drummers from all over Ukraine!
The Association of drummers of Ukraine – a team of like-minded people who live by passion for their work and create unique show programs on percussion instruments-started its activity.

If you want to become a part of Drum Art, perform and develop with us, teach at a new generation of music schools – write us about it in your CV to GO

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