Technical and common requirements

Technical Rider

For a high-quality performance, we need: 2-4 monitors from 300 watts along the front edge of the stage, 2a monitors from 300 watts on the sides of the stage on racks. 2a channels on the remote for connecting a laptop and a spare mini-jack cable for two jacks / exellers. A place for a laptop near the remote control. If necessary, in-ear microphones-pins for sounding drums with the calculation of 1 microphone per person, or condenser microphones that capture the sound of the stage.

Common Rider

Dressing room

– the team needs one separate large dressing room (20-30m), or two small rooms.

– the dressing room must be locked, or guarded by the customer.

– the dressing room should have good lighting, air conditioning, or a heater (depending on the season)

– the dressing room should be as close to the scene as possible

– the dressing room should have: a mirror, a table, chairs (sofas, armchairs, etc.) hangers, napkins, a sufficient number of working outlets, a sufficient amount of still water, fruits, sandwiches, salads, cold snacks, coffee, tea, sugar, kettle (if there is no place for serving hot drinks at the concert venue), cookies.

– when artists are on the site for more than three hours – a hot dish

Departure in Ukraine, or abroad:


– Minibuses
-A train
– Airplane (all expenses for exceeding the maximum allowable weight are paid by the customer)
– meeting at the place of arrival
– providing transfer to the concert venue (minibus).


Hotel at least 3 ***.
– Accommodation in 2-3 double rooms, standard.

– 3 meals a day, if the team is in your city for 20 hours or more
– 2 meals a day, if the team is in your city for less than ten hours

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